DIY tube amplifier

In my hometown there is a gentleman who specialises in building copies of vintage tube amplifiers. Mostly Fender style 50s stuff

This gentleman decided to put together a practical workshop of “Do your own tube guitar amplifier”. The workshop is meant for people who are not familiar with dealing with electronics and high voltages that can go up to 300-400V. As I am one of those people, but I’d like to build something cool and with my own hands, then this felt like a perfect opportunity.

The amp we are going to build is a copy of Fender Harvard, or better known under the model name 6F5/6G10. The first lesson was about the basics of electricity, what to keep in mind when working with AC/DC, what are the laws of physics behind it, what are the terms and what do they exactly mean. A lot of time was spent on discussing what a tube does, how it is built, how it works etc. This part was really useful. Going forward from there we covered the basics of a capacitor, resistor, transformer, fuse etc. All easy things in essence, but it was good to hear it explained simply and thoroughly. 

Then the parts list was covered and we agreed on the next session where we would start drilling the wholes to the chassis of the amp and practically laying the amplifier down. The next session is in 2 weeks, that gives the parts enough time to arrive from www.tube-town.net If everything goes well, then hopefully I have a working self built tube amplifier ready for my birthday. 

To end, here is a sample of a similar amp played with a Les Paul http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzps_eP3cIk