DIY Tube amplifier part 3

Chassis building is finished, time to move on to assembling and building the internals of the amp.

The first thing to do is to make and put in place a piece of wire that will be used as the ground.

It will be soldered to the input, speaker output and fastened between the screw and the washers of the power transformer





eThree cables are in the power cord. Green-yellow is the ground wire is the ground and needs to be soldered to the ground wire. The brown wire is soldered to the fuse and the blue to the middle foot of the switch xtVfSCPh.jpg

A wire is led from the other foot of the fuse to the other middle foot of the switch nLh6UpBh.jpg

The black and purple wire are used from the power transformer. These are soldered to the bottom feet of the switch. Also wires to the indicator light are installed: 6xFTcaGh.jpg

The heat wires of the power tube are put in place and they need to be soldered to the 2nd and the 7th foot of the tube scoket: ndeiRG8h.jpg

From there one wiring is needed to connect the heater to the preamp at the 4-5th foot and the 9th foot. 

The rest of the power transformer wires are isolated and put away. The 2 big red wires will be used next time to get the 300+V out from there: se4DUoKh.jpg

Transformers installed and wires led through the chassis: ROj3FQmh.jpg

Something for the future: Install the fuse so that the feet are up and down and not on the side. Much easier to solder the wires. 

The next steps will be the installation of the heating wires, assembly and installation of the rectifier and the power section with caps.